Long time brewing

Today I wrote 354 words (total 2,133). As I think I said, I’m starting a new story, a new book idea, and I’m unsure of…well pretty much everything about it.

The origin of this book idea was…oh, a year ago? Two?

*checks date*

Apparently it was over three years ago, June 2015. Strewth.

Anyway (without giving anything away) the idea came from from a random word generated prompt given by Chuck Wendig. There was a site, you clicked the button and it pumped out a random few words. Boom. Story idea said Chuck. 2000 words of flash fiction. So I clicked the button. The site gave me my words:

“Pussy Alternator”

Bugger me but this was a great prompt.

I never actually wrote the flash fiction, but the core story idea has gurgled in the back of my head like a backed up septic tank now for 3 years, and I figure I’ve got to either get a plunger to drag the blockage out, or flush my fat head down with to finally stop the noise.

So here we are, plunging away. Back at ‘Pussy Alternator’ (of course this is the placeholder name for my story), and planning to build a 90,000 word book around a dumb idea I got from a random site 3 years ago.

Ever had a story idea that’s taken a while to rise, to bake, to brew to completion? If you’re interested, here is the link to the prompt page: http://watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/RandomPhrase give it a hit and let me know what comes up!

*clicks again*

“Ecstatic Gobble”

This is the best site ever.






Bill’s Story (age 6) ‘The Book’


The Book – a scary story by Bill T

I gave my son Bill a notebook for him to write a story. This was his Creation:

The Book

Once there was a book and it was magic. When anyone read it they will have a curse on them and it will never wear off. The curse was the same; the curse was their pants were on fire.

That’s it. The whole story. Six years old and he’s written The Necronomicon. Not bad IMHO.

I dropped another 359 words – they didn’t seem to be anywhere near as concise as Bill’s.



Little things

A quick update. Some little things. A few pictures I did with the kids recently. Word count update – about 850 words – I got a little enthusiastic, so went past my 350 goal.

The pictures are interesting, as they came out ok (I’m satisfied anyway), were fun to do (the kids were drawing too), and they forcibly reminded me of my mortality. I realised while drawing that I couldn’t see the pictures while they were close – an optometrist confirmed I need multi-focal lenses in my glasses. So I am indeed old.

Not much to say about the writing. It’s a weird, ugly, and quite possibly offensive idea I’ve been carrying for a while; one I suspect would be deeply unpublishable even if written by a skilled and experienced writer. Still, I can’t get it out of my head, and I guess its better to get it out and down, than let it fester in the back of my mind for any longer. At least if I abandon this one I wont feel bad about it.



*quick upate – total words is now 1,420.

7 months and 6 days

I’m sitting in a cafe right now, not sure what I’m going to write or how.

Its been a long time since I sat and wrote anything not work related.

I am writing this Valentines day 2018. As of today (14 Feb) it has been…*google calculator*…221 days since my dad died.

7 months and 6 days apparently.

I am sitting in a cafe, trying not to cry. I’m also wishing I’d picked a cafe a little further from my work, but hell, I’m writing this over my lunch break.

William on his birth certificate.

Bill to his mates.

Billy to my Mum.

Pa Bill to my kids.

Dad to me and my sisters.

On Saturday, 8 July 2017, he died. Complications from stage 4 lung cancer that was only discovered in fucking June.

Not a lot of time to get used to the idea.

7 months and 6 days later and to be honest I’m still not used to the idea.

I try to avoid the lurking reminders that he is just not there anymore. Typing this is so fucking hard because I don’t want to admit he is dead. Theres a gnawing roaring hole left where he was. It’s quiet most of the time, but its just waiting for me to slip forget not to think about it.

7 months and 6 days might seem a long time, but I needed to wait until I could see the keys through the fog.

I’m not sure I waited long enough.

He was 67 years old.

Fucking 67.

Not very old. Not old enough to be gone.

He’s gone and 7 months and 6 days later I still hate it.

#5DayDraw – Day 1 #LightonDark

A little break in writing over Easter.

Just playing with my Sketchable program on the  Surface again. This challenge was from a short training program (Drawing Inspiration by Von Glitschka) on Lynda.com (my work has access to this training database that is owned by LinkedIn).

Anyway, the project was to draw using light colours on dark paper. Not having dark paper, I used a black backdrop and a light blue sketching colour. I was going to neaten this up…but then I decided I liked the scrappiness of how it turned out.

Good Friday Rabbit.jpg

Easter Rabbit

Anyway – just something I’m checking out.


Today’s update

Missed last night – headache meant I went to bed at about 7.30.

Still carrying one tonight, but I did do some writing.

Daily word count: 389

Total word count: 19,648

It was tough going again…and they were a bit shit…again.

Ah well.

I’ll try to be more positive tomorrow, I promise.