I choose you…

The following is a short paragraph of fiction, a response to a creative writing challenge from Jacopo della Quercia, a writer for Cracked and author of The Pocket Watch Conspiracy. I like Jacopo’s challenge tweets (using the #PopQuizHotShot hashtag), as they are interesting, frequently involve a visual element (which I find helps drive inspiration), and don’t demand a lengthy response (most people respond within the 140 character twitter limit). This means I can start, get them done during my lunch break and fire the finished ‘bite’ off on twitter within the hour.

This is one I responded to on the 24th of August.

“PIKA! PIKA! PIKKKKAAAAAAACHU!” I scream into the air, lightning streaming from my pores like sweat in this, my moment of triumph. I pound the corpses of my foes with my macana, a beat that echoes the rhythmic thunder that peals from my elemental discharges at the top of the pyramid. “PIKA PIKA PIKA!”

Ash looks at me, and his name has never been more fitting. His face is an ashen grey, dotted with tiny spatters of blood, and I can taste his dismay. I want to laugh, to taunt him, but my vocabulary is too limited. “PIKA! PIKACHU!” is all I can manage.

He knows. He is responsible for this slaughter. He did this.

He chose me.

And it was super effective.


With such an exceptionally short bite of fiction, I tried for something that would be able to stand alone, absent of context, and yet could be action/drama filled. Did I pull it off? Let me know what you think.




3 thoughts on “I choose you…

    1. Hi Kirizar, thanks for reading.

      This one is a bit of an ‘in joke’ and requires a bit of Pokémon knowledge 🙂

      The fact I know this stuff is probably a sign of peter-pan syndrome, but Ive come to terms with never growing up!


      Liked by 1 person

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