Dear diary…

Today I had a great Father’s Day. The kids were well behaved and delightful, lunch with the in-laws was great and my wife got me an awesome present; a moleskine journal.

Because I started my writing efforts recently, I have been scribbling my random thoughts and ideas in a small spiral bound note pad. This is effective of course, but nowhere near as classy.

Now I have the new journal, there is one job left to do before retiring the old one – I need to type out my notes. My handwriting is so ordinary that if I don’t transcribe it soon, I may as well throw them out – I won’t be able to read it.

So quick question – how do you record your creative ideas? Journal? Diary? Eidetic memory?



4 thoughts on “Dear diary…

  1. I prefer the ‘write it down just before you fall asleep’ method. So that when I wake up, and I see “STORY IDEA: TWO CATS, ONE BIRD” I am utterly confused. Then I spend about ten minutes trying to understand what I was trying to say, and I give up. Instead, I write about something else.

    So far, so good.

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    1. Two cats one bird – lol!

      I frequently come up with ideas at work. Recently I’d begun to find it difficult to refocus once the idea was in my head. Scribbling down notes has fixed that. The idea is ‘purged’ by the act if noting it.

      FYI- Typing the journal out? Less fun than writing in it.

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      1. ‘Purging the idea’, that’s an excellent way to put it. It’s so exciting to have an idea, and scary that you might lose it. It’s hard to think of anything else until you know you won’t forget it!

        Couldn’t agree more about writing vs. typing. There is something romantic and mystical about spilling ink on paper. If only it wasn’t so slow…

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  2. I keep trying out various systems (journal, notecards, sticky notes, various text apps on phone, voice recording) and nothing has stuck yet. I looove writing by hand, but carrying pen and paper with me isn’t always convenient.

    A potential semi-solution for making typing feel more significant/tangible – printing it out afterwards. I haven’t done this myself, but I’ve heard of digital artists printing out their work to reclaim the oomph of a physical finished product.

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