“But… but… It cannot be done Giovanni. No… No! Please do not take me sir, I have children, please!”

The tailor continued to wail as Giovanni’s troopers dragged him from his shopfront to join the others, all in chains.

“You call yourself a master?” Sneering, he spat on the floor, disgusted. “You are nothing. NOTHING!”

Giovanni stalked past the frightened patrons of the tailor, mostly lower nobles and courtesans, no one who would challenge his authority as Patrizio of the city.

“I shall have my bacon and cookie shirt,” he muttered to himself, “then we will see what cannot be done.”


Ah, one of my first responses to a Jacopo #PopQuizHotShot on . It was short, sweet and a nice quick joke. This led to more flash fiction pieces, and ultimately led to this blog.

I wasn’t going to post this one, but a day with the kids has meant I didn’t get a chance to draft anything new.




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