photo credit: .tms via photopin cc

photo credit: .tms via photopin cc

When my Grandfather hated, he called it duty. Attacking the trenches, killing the enemy, glorifying the dead and the dying.

My father rejected my Grandfather’s way, he despised the violence, the bloodshed, the slavish obedience to the politicians and generals.

When my father hated, he called it faith. Attacking obscenity, stamping out heresy, protesting against freedoms.

I rejected my father’s way. I despised the ignorance, the idolatry, the slavish obedience to the church.

I am a man of science. When I hate, I call it reason.


This was inspired by a blog I read early today by John Scalzi outlining that ‘People are the Problem‘.

Shorter, reductive version: Atheists are as perfectly capable of being complete assholes as anyone else; becoming an atheist will not, in itself, keep one from being a complete asshole. This isn’t surprising; what would be surprising, in fact, is if it did. Because that would be a first, in the history of all humans and all of their congregations, regardless of how, and around what, these congregations formed.

It’s an interesting read, and it resonates with the angry atheist cynic inside me, making me angrier, and more cynical.

But there is an upside – it not only inspired this bleak post, but reminded me of this simple but awesome initiative by Mr Wil Wheaton:

Cheers all





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