File under 217

“Books need to be controlled.” The senior librarian’s voice echoed through my memory, “They need to be organised. Failure to adhere to the Dewey Decimal System invites chaos!”

I wish I had listened…

Short one today, as I need to get some long overdue writing of a short story done. Its a bit of a call back to the Evil Library theme from “An Overdue Return“… Hmmm.

Kids, trust me – libraries are not evil. Seriously. Remarkably few elder gods are ever summoned.

The photo prompt was from the ABC’s The Book Club (actually care of their Facebook page).

And for those confused about the heading: I’m sure its no surprise that I spent longer Googling about the Dewey Decimal System than I did writing this short fiction. In my googling, I found something very interesting (and the subject of about a million conspiracy sites I’m sure); the internet would have you believe that a segment of the DDS currently goes looks like this

216 Good & evil

217 (Not Used)

218 Humankind

What is it that fits between ‘good & evil’ and ‘humankind’, and why isn’t it simply listed? What is in that gap that is so unmentionable, or indefinable? What was Melvil Dewey hiding in 217?

Cheers and thanks for reading!




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