Getting ahead

The silence was almost complete, except for the softest of gentle, slowing, drips. Drip. Drip. Drip; crimson droplets falling to the white-tiled floor, splattering, darkening into a small pool. Compared to the squeals and the screaming, compared to the thumping, chopping, grinding mechanical horror of the last room, this near silence was like a brief stay in bliss. Heavenly.

For most that is. Harry was… different to most.

“Man,” said Harry, “They said this business was cut-throat, but this is out of control!”

His voice echoed in grunts around the room, cutting through the silence, albeit only momentarily.



“Guys, you are looking great. Seriously! Hey Martin! Martin! Did you get a hair cut? Just a little off the top maybe? And Tony – have you lost weight?”


“My mum always said that if I didn’t straighten up and fly right, I’d beheading for trouble! Guys?”


Harry looked over at the other severed heads, his mind racing. “Nothing? Come on guys, we can’t just hang around, its time to start looking ahead!  You know, chin up guys, right? Am I right, huh? Huh?”


Harry closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Clearly he was the only one who had retained his sense of humour during this… difficulty.

“Look, guys. I’m sorry. I know. I know this is a hard time for everyone. I guess that in times of stress I just… forget where my head’s at.”





“Hehehehe,” the room erupted into noise, as the others broke into a chorus of chuckles.

“OK Harry, that was a good one.”


A short one courtesy of a Jacopo de Quercia’s photo prompt.

Feeling good today, and I think the positive vibes are coming through in the writing. Enjoy the puns!


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