Bibliophagy, or book eating: a new page for Uncertain Tales

Copyright - K R Thoroughgood
Copyright – K R Thoroughgood

A new page! Whoo-Hoo!

In all honesty, this is much less exciting than you may expect. I have been keeping a list of all the books I’ve read since the start of the year (People do that right? This is a normal thing to do, yes?), and thought – hey, I should post this on the blog (and, given I have an evening of PS3 planned, I wont get a proper post out today :P).

If you are remotely interested in what I have read this year, please check out my new page: Bibliophagy. This year it is split into authors, because that’s how I kept the original word document – next year I think I will do a simple numbered list for ease of WordPressing. It will be updated with all new books I finish, as well linked to any book reviews that I might do.

I don’t expect comments per se, but if you have a question about a book, or want to suggest some reading, please feel free to drop me a line! I cant make promises, but I appreciate suggestions.

Thanks as always.


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My name is Kristian Thoroughgood, alternately known as KT to my friends, or @WildBilbo on twitter. As of August 2015, I am forty years old. Australian. My blog is intended to be both a place for me to polish my creative writing muscles (not a double entendre) and for others to read and comment on my musings. Expect short stories, articles, essays and other brain dumps. My opinions are my own, and whilst I take care to be at least moderately informed about any topic I speak or write about, these opinions are subject to rapid change in the face of passionate arguments and greater evidence. Please note - on my blog, Evidence beats Passion.

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8 thoughts on “Bibliophagy, or book eating: a new page for Uncertain Tales”

    1. Or sign up on goodreads! It’s nice because you can track books you’ve read, what you’ve thought of them, what you want to read next, etc.

      It’s really nice because you get notifications when some of your most liked authors are putting out a new book. I guess that can also be annoying, but I like it.

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  1. Join Goodreads. You can share your writing there too. Much better cataloging system than LibrsryThing. Lemme know if you join….I’ll ‘friend’ ya 🙂

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