photo credit: David L. via photopin cc

I sit at the computer, writing my horror stories, opening tiny windows into the darkest areas of my brain. Brief glimpses into the worst I can conceive; incredible violence, enduring misery, unimaginable terrors, the production of limited popcorn evils for consumption by the masses.

I question myself; is this the worst, the most dire, I can imagine – am I so mundane, so unemotional?

I challenge myself to find a more passionate fear; I look to you, sitting watching TV, and I try to imagine your absence, both the couch and my life empty.

My stomach lurches and my heart stops, my rebellious mind rejects these thoughts and they slip, dark and oily, into the depths of my subconscious – some horrors are unthinkable.

This is a slightly unusual take on the Lillie McFerrin Five Sentence challenge for this week, which had the prompt word: MARRIAGE. I struggled with this prompt at first, unable to think of anything that didn’t feel corny or trite. So I approached it in a different way, and I tried to think about the absence or break down of marriage, and personally about how my life would be without my lovely wife. Needless to say, this was not an enjoyable exercise.

I encourage you to click here to read the other stories.

Thanks for reading.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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