Go with your gut

photo credit: Double--M via photopin cc

photo credit: Double–M via photopin cc


Trying to write. Trying to find the right… things.


Shit. Writing is hard.

Each page is an agony. Each paragraph is a personal pain.

With each strained sentence I commit… seppuku.

Seppuku… that’s a good word.

A great word!

I’m good at this.

Hunting for that perfect word is an act of seppuku. A knife to the… gut.

GUT? GUT! F… I can’t even… gut.

Gut is such a freaking weak word. God I suck!

A blade through the belly?

A samurai sword across the stomach?

This is lame. Metaphors suck and words are hard.

Wait… is that a metaphor or a simile?


Searching, seeking, probing through my …innards? Looking for that perfect, golden… word.

Intestines? Offal? Organs?


The text taunts me with its timidness, and with one last pull I reach inside and…

   s    t    r    e    t    c    h

…out my vocabulary like glistening blue and red… viscera.


Viscera is a great word.

Damn. Im good at this.

Just a little post today, my only prompt being my the discovery of a cool new word – loganamnosis; meaning ‘mania for trying to recall forgotten words’.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Go with your gut

    1. Thanks Sarah Ann 🙂

      I read some advice (Chuck Wendig yet again I think), showing the cycle you go through loving then hating what you have written… I think this made its way into this piece also.


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