Just roll on


“Pricey, but they’re an investment.”

Michel nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

He had returned to the garage, to celebrate his success with his old workmates. But with his new hair, teeth, and body… no-one recognised him.

The dirty mechanic changed the Merc’s tyres, and Michel recalled the nagging to get out, to make something of his life…

Eventually he had.

I’m a fool.

I’ve nothing in common with them now.

“Good tyres are reliable, keep you on track, get you where you’re supposed to be. When they’re worn out, well, it’s time to change.”

A lot like good friends.

(Word Count 100)

A Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Blog (click here to check out all the stories). The aim is to look at the photo prompt, and write a piece of flash fiction inspired by the photo using only 100 words.

Interestingly enough, this started out as a funny piece – Michel was short for Michelin – aka the Michelin Man, who was to return unrecognisable after dieting loosing his ‘spare tyres’. Whilst I couldn’t get the funny story to work… well Im mostly satisfied with the end result. I probably could have used another one-hundred words… but of course, that’s entirely against the point.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks for reading.






30 thoughts on “Just roll on

  1. Dear KT,

    Sometimes you just can’t go back home. Thank you for sharing your process, too. Many times I’ve started out saying one thing with a story only to find that wasn’t what needed to be said at all.

    Well thought out and written.



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    1. Thanks Rochelle 🙂 appreciate the comments.

      I shall start reading other stories tomorrow – I deliberately avoid everyone elses stories till I’ve done my own – too easy to get influenced!



    1. Hi Claire, I think the sadness in saying goodbye to old friends was the reason my original humorous idea just wouldn’t work. I’m glad I changed the approach.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi KT,

    Well written story with a poignant ending. We all lose touch over time with friends. Sometimes we outgrow them, sometimes the other way round. Of course, in that time, we develop new friends and new relationships, else we would truly be a very lonely species.

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  3. I’m not sure it was his friends’ fault. If they didn’t recognize him, then he’s the one who’s changed out of recognition and I wonder why he felt he had to do some much physical changing. If he’d identified himself, he might have found they still like the real him, although maybe he felt he’d moved on in other ways. Interesting idea and good use of metaphor, KT.


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    1. Hi Janet – thanks for your comment. I’ll admit that when I wrote this, I visualised it as a simple ‘moving on’ piece, but you may well be right.

      When I wrote what he thought of as success, they were physical changes (hair, teeth, body), and obvious displays of wealth (the Merc). These are all outward displays, a rather shallow definition of success, as opposed to a deeper satisfaction with life.

      Maybe he has a lot further to go on his journey.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  4. I love the parallels you’ve drawn between the physical signs of success and the subtle humble signs of the dirty mechanic enjoying his job. Michel wasn’t happy there. Change was inevitable, sad about the loss of friends, let’s just hope Michel grows with change. I enjoyed the read.

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  5. Dear KT,

    I love the parable of the man who moved on. Very nicely shoehorned into 100 words and the photo prompt. I found myself thinking of friends I’ve let slip because they didn’t change. An interesting piece.



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  6. Excellent, imaginative take on the photo prompt. You’re right – sad but true that sometimes our friends must change as circumstances do so. It’s not the case in all friendships, but it is true of many. Great job!

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    1. Very true Kate – Ive close friends I’ve known since school, and one I’ve known since I was four! But others tend to come and go much more readily… workmates particularly.
      Thanks for reading and for the kind words.


  7. I think this piece works very well. At first I thought he should have told the men who he was, but then I thought that he had changed in a huge way – with new teeth, hair and body, he is now financially different too and they might not have a lot in common anyway. Nice job.

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    1. Thanks Alicia – earlier runs at this had more of Mich trying in vain to be recognised, and then being very sad he was not… but 100 words is such a cruel limitation 🙂

      And I agree – it is too late for him to go back now – maybe just needed to come back once just to find that out.


  8. KT,
    I think you’ve hit on a bitter truth there. Sometimes friends are for life, but sometimes they’re not, since people change and grow apart and go in different directions. And like tires, you can’t keep things together if you go in different directions. Great story.

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  9. I thought this was a great piece, KT. It hit all of the right notes. I’ve got some friends from high school who are in the same spot they were 40 years ago. If they are happy and content it’s a good thing. Some of us need to stretch our wings a little more.

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