Spit(e) Polished, or the Oyster’s Ode


I am happiest alone in my shell.

You are sand, grit, irritation, a foreign invader whose presence I detest but cannot ignore.

I vomit bile, seeking to dislodge this vexation, to repudiate and reject your very existence.

You remain, nay, you grow; my antagonism hardens on you like armour and you are unmoved.

And you grow ever more irritatingly beautiful.

Gosh, now I have tried some poetry, it seems that’s all I can think of! The Five Sentence format does lend itself to this sort of thing I suppose…

Anyway, this one was a fun one – from Lillie McFerrin’s five sentence fiction, where the prompt was the word “Irritation” (click here to see the other entries).

Let me know what you think? Does it work? Should I leave the poetry to my betters?

Thanks for reading!




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