Fertile ground: Musing on a productive life


Right in the plums (double entendre intended)

Just a quick progress update…

What’s this? Another progress post…  Didn’t you do one a month ago? Why don’t you write something and show us the progress KT?

Wait a minute, this isn’t a writing progress update, this is more of a life progress update.

And its short.

Ok. You have five minutes.

Whew, tough crowd.

Anyway, as I was saying, this is really just a quick update on what I will call my ‘outside the blog’ life – mainly because this month has been exceptionally busy, and blogging has been hard:

  • My wife was both made redundant (the role being moved to another state) and successfully found another job with similar salary and conditions (because she is hella-employable).
  • The vegie garden  (yes, a literal real garden) has exploded due to the crazy weather (I’ve concluded that climate change is great for early season tomatoes), and I will share some of those pictures below (because I’m just that exciting).
  • Both my children have had birthday parties, the three year old continues to startle us with his energy and development, and the one year old is just starting to stand up unsupported – we fully expect walking within a few weeks.

So exciting times in the WildBilbo ranch! 🙂

From a personal perspective, my job attitude has been a bit flat, my weight loss has plateaued, and writing has been on-and-off. Blogging pace and quantity both reduced, but I feel that I actually pumped out some higher quality short fiction over the last two months (of course, that is open to disagreement!). I have been enjoying a few brief sojourns into the magical land of poetry (and I still cant figure out why), but so far I like it. As for my no-blog fiction, that just about ground to a halt over the last few months, with lack of sleep being the main cause (babies are not good for napping).

So what am I doing now to action these… slowdowns?

With the weight loss – nothing. Plateaus happen, and I think I just need to be focused and keep the calorie intake down. The main thing with weight loss is to try and keep positive about it – which I think I am at the moment, and the supportive wife certainly helps.

The job… well simply put, working is critical (it pays for my food and internet). I can’t afford to lose focus. So when I’m at work, I’m trying to be at work – that is, actually present and mindful of what I want to be achieving. Focusing on the things I need to do and the achievements I have made like this should get the motivation moving again (I hope!).

And with the writing – well I’m going to try to keep the blog posts moderately frequent, but keep them short and punchy too. I recently bought Scrivener, so I’m looking forward to transitioning my part done short stories and bigger novel into this format. The Scrivener planning tools look great and new toys always bring motivation.

So in brief, I’m heading into the end of 2014 with a focus on what I have done this year – what I have produced. I replied to a comment in an earlier post I did with the following:

Nearly turning 40 has prompted a bit of a mid life crisis, but in a good way – I’m desperately seeking productivity in my life outside of work. My garden is full of vegies and fruit. My diet is focused on healthy eating and weight loss instead of comfort. My personal time is now writing instead of PS3. I feel better for it.

And so far I have found this approach is serving me well. I feel satisfied with most aspects of my life (got to acknowledge my luck in this regard), whilst still feeling driven enough to strive for improvements and changes in others.

So thanks for reading this somewhat rambling post, and I shall leave you with more pictures from my garden. Its a few months off being edible yet, but I’m still very proud of how well its going (please note – I am strictly an amateur gardener).






Tomatoes – close up








Purple Capsicums



4 thoughts on “Fertile ground: Musing on a productive life

  1. Garden… O.O

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping up as well of late. I’ve also been trying to focus on life outside of blogging. Glad to hear you’re doing well, though! (And I think the interest in poetry is normal, and probably good for your wordsmithing.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No need to apologise – my own blogging has ‘settled’ somewhat. I expect it is the norm for most people.

      I really just tagged that older post of yours to confirm this is a literal garden (my metaphorical garden is mostly weeds and turnips).



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