The march of the green


PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright -Björn Rudberg

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright -Björn Rudberg

The men sat on the stairs, holding each other’s hands, watching the inexorable march of the green. Here at the end, the old animosities, the old arguments of faith versus science had availed them of nothing, and they watched the final reclamation of man’s tenancy on earth as friends.

“Perhaps,” said one, “our faith in ourselves was misplaced. Perhaps we should have had faith in something higher.”

“Perhaps,” replied the other, “our sin was not that we bit the apple from the knowledge tree. Perhaps our sin was that we did not eat the whole fruit.”

The green marched on.

Hi everyone, just a really quick  (I only had 20 minutes to write it) 100 word post for the Rochelle Friday Fictioneers, as my time is limited (ironically being on holiday means I have less time to write – go figure…).

I will apologise in advance, as I’m not certain how many of the other stories I will have a chance to read this week – I will do my best.

The other stories can be found here – I encourage you to check some others out!

I hope you all find some time to spend time with the people most important in your life over this holiday season.








23 thoughts on “The march of the green

  1. Dear KT,

    Alicia beat me to the “in.”

    An interesting thought to leave us with. I enjoyed this thoughtful piece.

    You should also know that I’m extending this prompt for another week. I probably should have taken a Christmas break. At any rate this will give those who didn’t have a chance to write a story for the stairs if they so desire and, perhaps, give them a chance to visit other stories as well.

    Hope your Christmas was merry and your new year is prosperous and happy.



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    1. Hi Rochelle – thanks & thanks for the extended week 🙂
      I hope your Christmas and new year was great, and I look forward to a full year of Friday Fictioneers in 2015 🙂


  2. Dear KT,

    The green will keep marching and we may, as a species, survive our own lunacy, but many of us along the way are going to fall victim to our stupidity.

    Good story for twenty minutes work. Enjoy the holidays.



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