Forgotten, in the cold, in the dark

This time will be different, George tells himself, this time I will be strong… yet every week he fails. Seduced away from his best intentions, a new victim is consigned to the chamber. They languish, forgotten, in the cold, in the dark. Fresh victims wither on top of the ruins of the old, drowning in rancid fluids, the remains of George’s previous weaknesses.

Oh god why, why, why… George castigates himself yet again, why do I even buy lettuce? 

A super quick Five Sentence Fiction inspired by the Lillie McFerrin prompt word ‘Fresh’… and the fact I need to clean out my fridge. Click here to read the other 5SF stories.

I am still on holidays at the moment, and am very busy (getting plenty of reading in though). I expect normal blogging to recommence next week – see you then!





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