Forgive me Librarian, for I have sinned…


…it has been over three years since my last visit to the library.

(Pause for shocked gasps, wait for people to pick up dropped mouses and smart phones)

Whew! That was a tough confession. Shocking, I know, but somewhere around three years ago I stopped going to the library, and started spending more time doing other things. This change in behaviour might align with some major life events – namely the release of Borderlands by Gearbox Software.

No wait, I mean the birth of my son! Yeah, that’s it, that’s why…

Well, with my new Reading Challenge this year (Read Harder), I figured I would get a new library card, and hunt down at least some of the books I’m going to read. I figured I’d get a couple of books, no big deal.

I was wrong. It was a very big deal. Walking around the library I felt like the prodigal son, I felt I had returned. I stared at the science fiction and fantasy shelves and drooled. I wandered through the fiction section and just trailed my fingers down the book spines.

I was home.

Ok, clearly I’m hamming this up, but it was pretty profound, as until I went in there, I didn’t even know that I missed going. I had been happily subsisting on my few purchases of books, books borrowed from friends, or books in my shelves (either neglected or re-reads), but in the library, there was everything I wanted, all free to grab and take home for a while.

It was fortunate that I only brought in a small bag, as I would have been tempted to overindulge, to gorge myself on booky goodness.

I picked up a good mix of books I think – some short stories (as I am attempting to write some short stories myself at the moment) and some books I have heard very good things about (Wool and Transition). Of course, I also made an error. Trying to get books for my reading challenge, I picked up one – Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam – but I didn’t know this was the last in a trilogy!

Ah well, I shall make sure I read the other two first, which means another trip to the library.

Poor me.



6 thoughts on “Forgive me Librarian, for I have sinned…”

  1. Nothing is better than a great book. Congrats on taking on a challenge to read more this year. As a writer, it can only help you, me – or any of us – in our desire to produce better writing. If you’re on Goodreads, look me up! 🙂

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  2. I absolutly get it! I too ventured into my local library for the first time in almost 2 years (kindles have that effect). The moment I stepped in the door, I took a deep breath. It was the smell of the written word and pages I could touch. I was home.

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    1. It’s the e-readers’ fault! I read 2-3 books a week, and the only reason I go to the library anymore is to work in peace.

      Although, seeing that stack of books is making me dream… Maybe next time I’ll have to dig around shelves, just like in the old days.

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      1. I wish e-readers were my problem. For some reason I just… stopped going. I did a load of re-reading, but I also played a lot of iphone games. Total time waste.

        Nowadays I have no games on my phone, and a brand new library card 🙂

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      2. I thought I would love my Kindle, all my sisters said, “Oh, you’ll read more books than ever.” Not true. I read a lot less and sometimes will go to the Library for a hardback book. Nothing like the smell of words.

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