A captain’s share

photo credit: late night movie via photopin cc

photo credit: late night movie via photopin cc

CAPTAIN: “Fire in the hold, abandon ship you careless bastards!”

FIRST MATE GALLAGHER: “Captain, forget the ship, forget the damn treasure; there’s room yet on this lifeboat!”

CAPTAIN: “Get out of here you dogs; a Captain’s duty is to go down with the ship, so I’ll spend my share in hell!”

SAILOR: “Damn you Gallagher, this lifeboat leaks and the oars are rotten through!”

FIRST MATE GALLAGHER: “Hold up you men… did anyone actually see smoke?”

A bit pressed for time today, so a super short Five Sentence Fiction with the word prompt ‘Abandon’ from Lillie McFerrin’s site.







8 thoughts on “A captain’s share

      1. Thanks mate – I think the skills you develop in flash fiction are great & translate well to longer pieces… But I find you can suffer from writing cramp – meaning your ideas are short and simple (great for 100 words) but rattle around in 1000 or 2000, making it seem a bit empty.

        So this is where I’m aiming more practice at ATM:)

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      2. It’s hard to post those longer pieces onto the blog, isn’t it? I mean, who is going to read 2000 words on the internet?

        What I meant was there are few writers out there who can tell stories within stories, and still keep the reader focused on the big picture. You should try writing up a character who tells stories like this, and see how you could wrap a story around them.

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      3. Ha – yeah, I was convinced that a 2000 word book review (MaddAddam) was a waste of time, but I couldn’t do the trilogy justice with any less.

        Sometimes I struggle to read longer posts myself, so I can hardly blame others. I’ve written a short story (nearly 8000 words) that I’m going to polish (reduce to about 5000), and then depending on reception of my test readers see if It’s worth submitting for publication in an online journal. If it isn’t and isn’t fixable, I’ll consider posting it on the blog. Otherwise the longer pieces will be capped out at 2-3000 k responses to writing challenges.

        A story about a writer telling stories? I’d need to think about this one…

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