Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (2004) by Susanna Clarke

This is a great review (the ‘inside joke’ analysis is the sort of deep reading I want to develop myself).

A great book review blog for those of a sci-fi inclination. I don’t always agree with what’s said, but it’s always insightful (also I’m frequently wrong about many things – just ask my wife!).

From couch to moon

JonathanStrange2Nikki at Book Punks recently did an interesting post about books that break books. In other words, books that are so good that no other book can ever be enjoyed again. Book Breakers. Story Smashers. Reader Eradicators.

My book breaking moment—a definitive moment in my life— occurred a little over a decade ago. I came upon it during a, at the time, typical aimless dance of bookstore aisle gazing, common to the unobsessed lay readers of the book world. Usually dissatisfying results, but this time… there it was. Eggshell-colored cover. Black typewriter font. Simple. Minimal. Zero hot chicks with guns.

What can I say? It caught my eye. So I took it home with me.

I would love to say that I was immediately whisked into a world of wizardry and wonder, where I engorged myself on the text in a weekend, and then called in sick on…

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5 thoughts on “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (2004) by Susanna Clarke

    1. Awesome 🙂 and… I know I wrote ‘their’ suggesting a team… but don’t know why I did. Possibly a coffee-deficiency, which I’m attempting to resolve immediately.

      I’m pretty sure Couch is a single person, or at least a well-disguised hive mind identifying as a single person. 🙂

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