Summer of Glory

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

The bomb slapped against his side as he crept forward; a moist smacking sound threatening to give away his position. Holding his breath, he listened intently. Sweat dripped as he baked in the sun.

They were close. He could hear complaints about the heat, plans for the next assault. Nothing to indicate he was exposed.

Advancing to the edge of the clearing he saw them, grouped around the water-tower. He could get them, all of them. Retribution would be fierce, but glory sang in his veins.

Breaking from cover, he launched the water-balloon into the squealing crowd of his friends.

Word count: 100

Been a bit pressed for time this week – so just a quick Friday Fictioneers this week.

I hope it makes sense!

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Know what you think.




20 thoughts on “Summer of Glory

    1. Thanks Rochelle:) the ‘5 sentence story’ I posted on Monday was war related & quite bleak – I was very keen to be more positive today.

      Glad you liked it.


  1. I read some of the Flash Fictions, and they go right over my head. I figure, “It’s gotta be me.” I was once a child. There are those who insist I still am. This one made perfect sense to me….after the surprise at the end. 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I rewrote that first sentence a dozen times & tried at least that many descriptions for the bomb. All seemed to either mislead or give the game away. I’m glad how the foreshadowing worked too – the wet slap, the hot summer & the water tower – deliberately added to be breadcrumbs to the last sentence. I didn’t have as much time as I’d’ve liked, but then again I work better under pressure.


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