The shallows

I wade in the shallows, I fear your depths, I can only picture the strength of your currents.

You change so quickly, promising calm and comfort before shifting, raging with unsuspected vehemence; overwhelming, intense.

Frustrated you break against my timidity, spending yourself uselessly before retreating, pulling back only to break against me again and again.

I stay close to the shore observing your beauty, scared of losing myself to your undertow.

As the tide goes out, I dream of drowning.

A quick Poem for the Five Sentence Fiction in response to the prompt ‘Waves‘ from Lillie McFerrin’s Blog. Click here to read the rest of the the entries.

Let me know what you think.








19 thoughts on “The shallows

  1. It’s been good to see your last few posts coming in at 930-10pm and the quality shows. For a while there it seemed like you were staying up just to complete them and the writing didn’t read like you were into it as much.

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    1. Cheers mate – you might be right. I’m trying to sleep a little earlier ATM & not pull the trigger on a post till I’m happy with it. If that means posting less but better then I’m happy:)

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  2. Cheers to Tracey for getting it right. Subtext was the concept I was looking for, not double entendre. Just couldn’t seem to get the word off the tip of my tongue

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  3. I tried to comment earlier – but lately WP and I are having a war of the words via loading and unloading – so hopefully this time ….

    I thought this was a most sensitive piece – powerful and definitely evocative – with layers and undercurrents that suggest more than the “simple reading” – so well done 🙂

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