Rose diamond earrings

PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

Snow falls on us both; cooling your skin, cooling my diminishing rage.

Your body heat (what remains of it) is gently stolen by each floating flake. The delicate crystals landing on your upturned face thaw and liquefy, pooling around your eyes and mixing with the blood there.

These pools fill; overflow. Pale, sin-tinted water trails your cheeks, pink wintery tears that flow and bead on each earlobe. Icicles like rose diamond earrings.

As the snow falls, it covers. Covers your blood like I never hit you. Covers your body like you never existed.

Covers my footsteps as I walk away.


100 words.

Ugh, I am a terrible blogger/wannabe writer/person (probably) at the moment (always). Found it very hard to get motivated to write anything, and am only managing a few short posts each week… perhaps its impending 40-year-oldness? On this topic, I saw this tweet today, and it was so personally poignant I laughed out loud (died inside):

Ha ha ha. Good times.

Anyway, a short and bleak 100 words for you today – make of it what you will, but let me know what you think!

As always, this is part of Friday Fictioneers, and you can click here for the rest of the stories!




29 thoughts on “Rose diamond earrings

  1. Sometimes when I’m reading one FF story after another, I forget who I’m reading and have to scroll up to find out. I always know who it is when I’m reading one of yours, KT, and this is no exception. Stunning stuff, particularly the rose earring bit. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Sandra – very kind 🙂
      I’m really tickled about your comment too – I *hope* you’re able to tell its one of mine by its ‘voice’. I’ve read authorial Voice isn’t something you can create, but that it develops over time & through writing. I’m thrilled if you think it’s noticeable:)

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  2. Dear KT,

    I can’t say it much better than Sandra. Quality writing is what I expect when I come here and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

    40? I remember thinking that was old. Nah. It’s the beginning of maturity when you can look back and glean from your life experience. The best is yet to come, my friend.



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  3. Excellent choice of words. “Sin tinted water” could be interpreted a couple of ways–from his perspective as something the victim did wrong and is paying dearly for, or for the sin of murder. I agree with Sandra and Rochelle as to the quality of your work. It is recognizable and stands above the crowd.

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  4. This is really well done. “Icicles like rose diamond earrings” is my favorite line.

    The contrasts are striking, e.g., red blood/white snow, heat/cold. Although you keep the setting vague, you achieve total effect in evoking a wintry feel.

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