The sun is a stranger

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

Straining to be seen through the clouds, the sun is a stranger.

I remember friendship with the sun, halcyon days of strength and warmth, of fire and passion. Against these memories, these years of brilliance and burning, this frail and indifferent orb is an unfamiliar shadow. Creeping across my sky, an awkward guest at the wrong party.

Immortal days of incandescence made way for long weeks of weariness. Gentle rays under which I once bronzed; now fail to warm my pale wrinkled skin, exhausted before they reach me.

Winter ache is now my companion. The cold feels like a betrayal.

Another 100 Word Friday Fictioneers (thanks Rochelle).

This one inspired by me ticking off one more orbit around the Sun – that’s right, today is my birthday!


The Four-Oh’s.




Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an awesome birthday, and my outlook is incredibly positive – this picture however just seemed to inspire a somewhat less positive story…

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34 thoughts on “The sun is a stranger

    1. Thanks mate – I’ve been neglectful of reading other blogs, I shall make a point of visiting yours again soon. I’m about due for another TerribleMinds challenge too 🙂


    1. I was told recently 60 is the new 40, which must mean I’ve just turned the new 20… Actually, that sounds terrible. I’m quite happy here in 40’ville
      Thanks Alicia 🙂


  1. Happy belated birthday. Speaking of birthdays, this would make a good card. Have you considered working for Hallmark?

    Two turns of phrase I particularly enjoyed: ” the sun is a stranger.” That has a nice flow and evokes the spirit of the piece. I also liked: “Creeping across my sky, an awkward guest at the wrong party.” The second half of that sentence is great, but your use of “my” surprises the reader (this one, anyway) — in a good way.

    Liked by 1 person

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