With each brick removed


It’s an odd thing to sit and watch your past gently demolished.

Graffiti and gang signs dissolve under a wave of gentrification. Murals and memories destroyed, history is hosed down.


Old blood drips red once more with each brick removed, before washing away forever.

Blood on the concrete; a skinned knee on a basketball court. Blood in the school-yard; a lost tooth in fight with a friend. Blood on the sheets; two teens too young to hold back.

Spilled in the building of a life, now washing away in a tsunami of affluence and economics.

Displaced? No.



100 words.

Time again for some Friday Fictioneers – thanks to Rochelle for hosting this weekly challenge, and thanks to C.E. Ayr for this week’s compelling picture prompt. The challenge, as always, is to write a complete story in no more than 100 words, including a beginning, a middle and an end.

(I don’t always manage to get a beginning, middle and end in each week, but that’s why it’s a challenge :)).

Click on this link to read all the other stories (often in the order of 100!). I encourage you to read, to comment and to share any of the stories you might like (including this one, if it passes muster)!




17 thoughts on “With each brick removed

  1. A nice reflection on ‘progress’ which contrasts the background of the photo with the foreground very effectively. I had to think about the phrase ‘gently demolished’. Demolished is such a violent, forceful word that the contradiction with gently pulled me up before I got started. Not sure how else to phrase it though … ‘dismantled’? Good piece.

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    1. Thanks Sandra 🙂

      Gently demolished is a bit of a hangover from an earlier draft; I was working an alliteration of ‘gently gentrified’… I thought it still worked, but you might be right!



  2. I immediately thought of places in my childhood, and the great memories I had there. When I visit now, they don’t even remotely resemble the vestiges of my memory. It’s like they’ve been stolen from me. Washed away. Adrift is a very appropriate term.

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  3. Sorry, KT. Itchy trigger finger again. As I was saying, I like ‘gently demolished’. It sets the tone for the piece. Life in the city is just moving forward, as it does, wiping out the past. I love the language – you are a master of alliteration, I think. It works, but doesn’t leap out too jarringly. Great story.

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  4. This is well done. This is my favorite line: “Old blood drips red once more with each brick removed…” I also like the parallelism, “blood, blood, blood…etc.” The violent (perhaps visceral) imagery contrasts well with the “gentle demolishing” to which the narrator refers.

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  5. Dear KT,

    They call it progress. Tsunami of affluence…well put. Like Russell, I can think of quite a few places that have been torn down since I was a child–the grade school I attended is one. I still see when I drive by the sleek office building that took its place. Well written.



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