Filed away

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller

Felicity waited on the machine. She thought she remembered when it was different, when the machines awaited her input. Now…she doubted that she was ever really the one in control.

Little-by-little she’d seen her career, life, dreams filed away. Business school training, hard won administration certificates, skills earned on the job… almost all useless. Redundant. If it weren’t for the physical act of taking paper from this printer and placing it for archiving, she would be obsolete.

Once they can move I’ll be completely unnecessary, she thought.

A frustrated, angry beep escaped the machine.

Paper jam.

Not today then.

100 Words.

A somewhat late entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneer  challenge, courtesy of our host Rochelle’s Addicted To Purple Blog and Clair Fuller’s great photo.

This one’s a bit different to my more recent ones… a small issue, no murders, no mayhem, just a minor player’s fear of the future. I also went with a ‘telling instead of showing’ approach, just to try things out.

Let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Hate it?








13 thoughts on “Filed away”

    1. Thanks R 🙂
      I’ll check the TZ video shortly. I mentioned in an earlier comment that computers & robots haven’t actually reduced work as we are working longer and longer hours all the time. One might question who is really in charge…


  1. As long as there are printers humans will be required!
    It’s fast approaching the situation you describe, I think. Science fiction and science fact are rapidly converging. I enjoyed your little look inside this woman’s head, her thoughts and fears.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I think I was prompted by a recent article that contrasted an early view ‘that computers & robots would result in bored, under-utilised people with far to much leisure time’, with the reality that working hours are increasing beyond the standard work week.



  2. We dance attendance on them, in the mistaken assumption that they make our work more efficient. How did it ever come to this? Felicity’s ruminations ring true – I’ve ruminated in such a fashion often. Very good story, KT.

    Liked by 1 person

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