Book Review: Take On Me by Minerva Zimmerman

A reblog for Book launch day. Or was that yesterday? Damn, I forget things in my old age…

…why did I come into this room again? Damn.

Uncertain Tales

Take On me – 4 Out Of 5 Stars

Note – this is a review of an eARC, provided to me for no-charge by the publisherFireside Fiction Company. Fireside contacted me asking if I was interested in providing an honest review.


Alex is a centuries old vampire, trying to live his unlife peacefully while interning at a nearby hospital. Hannah is a troubledyoung woman with unusual strength, pushed to her emotional limit by the actions of her supernaturally manipulative brother Zac.Unable to see a way free of her brother’sinfluence,Hannah attempts suicide – in Alex’s shower. Finding her near death,Alex chooses to turn her into a vampire rather than let her die.

This act and the friendship they then form sets them on an unusual course, as Zac drags Hannah towards a powerful underworld figure and an old friend pulls Alex into dealing with some serious vampire business…

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