High Expectations


“Our hero, cognisant of the dangers, begins…”


“I’m narrating. This task shall be my last.”

“You’re being dramatic.”

“I’m certain. I shall die today.”

“You’re changing a light-bulb.”

“You know I hate heights.”

“I know you’re a big baby.”

“You’re supposed to do this. That was the agreement: you do heights and I do spiders.”


“I’m sure it was in the vows…”

“I’m eight-months pregnant. You wouldn’t send a woman in my condition up a six-foot ladder would you?”



“What if I brought in a spider?”

“What if I shook this ladder?”

“Our hero ascends…”

100 words

Genre: Complete Fiction And Totally Not Based On A Real Conversation I Had With My Pregnant Wife Once.

Don’t You Judge Me.

A return to my favourite unnamed argumentative couple for this week’s challenge. Previous Friday Fictioneer entries with these guys involved hating homonyms, debating musical merit, and the importance of spousal support. I was happy to revisit these guys and try stretching the funny muscles again; the last piece of fiction I wrote was a bit more harrowing – this short acted as a palate cleanser. For those interested, the harrowing piece was 1000 words called “All The Missing Things” from a photo prompt in a book. It was a difficult thing to write – fun, but challenging to do.

I should get the important stuff out of the way:

Anyway, thanks as always for reading! I do try to get to a range of stories and I try not to read the same people every week…but some weeks are better than others. C’est la vi.

Comments and criticisms always welcome and appreciated.











19 thoughts on “High Expectations

  1. Funny, and very realistic interaction! The characters really come through. I think you’re the only other person I’ve seen with a story that’s only dialogue. It’s tricky to portray what’s going on without any other description (I found) but you did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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