Missing (in)action

*Opens eyes*

Whats this?

Where am I?

Is this a…a blog?


It’s okay I’m not missing guys. I realise I haven’t been updating (or reading, or commenting, or anything) much for a while – truth is I’ve been awfully…flat. Not exactly sick, but not exactly well. It’s difficult to describe…I guess I’m generally whiny. In any case, going to bed before 8.30 pm does not help get things written!

However, I have not been totally inactive. In fact, for those few free hours I can stay awake I have been really productive – all in the name of NaNoWriMo2015! I’ve planned and plotted 15 short stories, at least a little bit, and I’m hoping to get a good run on at least half of these. I’m actually really looking forward to this – although I’ve struggled to even get to 1000 words on a day, so I might be kidding myself with 1,667, every day for 30 days.


But what the hell.

Let me know if you sign up for NaNoWriMo2015 and I promise I’ll blog more in December!






4 thoughts on “Missing (in)action

  1. That’s great, KT. Congratulations on your resolution and best of luck. Between work and kids and life, I’m generally a 250-word a day writer, but by mid-November last year, I was getting 1600+ words and more on weekends–so I know it’s doable. I signed up yesterday and am madly plotting myself. Here’s to a productive November 🙂

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