Exhibit A (Positive)


The seat shudders beneath me, poor maintenance on rural roads wreaking havoc on the old Greyhound’s suspension. The cow next to me digs at my ribs with her elbow. Again.


A sign welcomes us to another town; I tilt my cap over my face, sink into the seat. Habit, but pointless – their kind won’t pursue me in the daylight.

I look at my suitcase overhead, full of evidence, of guilt. I pray what’s inside stays asleep. Stays fed.

I’m rewarded with another elbow.

If it does gets hungry, I smile to myself, I might fix two problems.

100 Words

Weird Fiction

Another trip to the land of weird fiction – and yet another person smuggling something. Let me know what you think of this one!

Thanks as always to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers, and thanks this week to Ron for sharing the photo prompt.

Rochelle asked a question about Friday Fictioneers this week – what’s good, what’s bad – and its a good question that deserves some thought. So I’m going to leave this till next week to answer properly.

One thing I should say of course: I always look forward to it!

200 posts!

I checked this before hand – this is my 200th post. Thanks to everyone who follows this – I really appreciate that people spend their time reading the little stories I put out there on the web.



10 thoughts on “Exhibit A (Positive)”

  1. A great use of mystery to build suspense! Not sure what the narrator is, who pursues him, or what’s in the suitcase. The lady and her elbow (who of us hasn’t been in this predicament?) create empathy for a protagonist who is clearly not as he appears at first glance. Great hook for a longer story.

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  2. I was sorry, but also a bit annoyed by him calling the woman a cow so casually. The creatures in the suitcase, whatever they are, make things clearer, intriguing, and scary–it put his arrogance into a completely different light. Great story.

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  3. I’m intrigued. This is a most fascinating character and situation – I love how you make us dislike him right from the start, and then add layers of possibility. What’s he up to??????

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