He leaped

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


“Don’t worry. Trust me. I can do this.” His own words now echoed in his ears, taunting him with the prospect of failure. His confidence had weak lungs apparently; blustering at the bottom, it had begun to gasp the higher he got. Here at the top, his bravado had entirely expired in a pathetic asthmatic wheeze.

He looked down.

Down, down, down, and down some more.

He cursed his knocking knees and cursed the cheering crowds more. Supporters and deriders; many had come to watch him soar, but more had come to watch him fall.

“Fuck it.”

He leaped.

Friday Fictioneers

Word count: 100

Thanks to Rochelle (our host) and Sandra (our photographer this week).

Next week: Back to our regular blogging schedule!


8 thoughts on “He leaped

  1. Loved the way you anthropomorphous way you chose to describe the protag’s confidence and bravado. It somehow helped me connect with him, despite the fact that I’ve never hang-glided or bungee jumped. Nice work, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear KT,

    I liked ‘down, down, down and down some more.’ Good use of repetition to give the reader the sense of how high the cliff is. I was hoping that he was bungee jumping and not just committing suicide before an audience.

    Good news that you’ll be back full swing this week. 😉




    1. Thanks Rochelle – Glad to be back :).

      I’m looking forward to getting into the ConCrit Crowd (CCC?), I think I need something like that to get renewed motivation into progressing my writing.


      Liked by 1 person

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