At the boundaries

PHOTO PROMPT- © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The innumerable dead swarm within the fog; grey within grey. Swirling tentacles of intangible loneliness and loss lick at the warmth and life that radiates from the home only to evaporate unsatisfied. A besieging army of ancient resentment. The dead loiter at the boundaries, hungering for a word or a touch that can never come.

From inside; a wail, a cry of grief freshly discovered. Movement ceases amongst the restless; a memory of breath held in anticipation. A newcomer joins them in terror; howling a soundless scream that gives no release.

The fog retreats; they retreat with it.

Word Count: 100 words

Genre: Dark Fiction

Hi folks – a cheery one for this week. Always happy to get Constructive Criticism so let me know what you think!

Thanks to Rochelle twice this week – as always for hosting and again for this time for the photo too.

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6 thoughts on “At the boundaries”

  1. What a horrifying description of the moment of someone’s death. This is spine-chilling. I love the details in the opening paragraph: the loneliness, resentment, their longing for what is eternally out of reach. Wow.

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