Eternity in E♭

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

Each discordant note briefly hangs in the air before falling to shatter on the ground. Shards of sharps and semi-quavers shred the Maestro’s bare feet as his soul continues its endless march around the accursed harpsichord. Eternally bound by the shackles of his sins, the miscarried melodies and tainted tunes saw through his incorporeal existence, spirit broken and broken again by every butchered ballad.

“Forgive me,” the Maestro cries out. “It is too much to bear!”

“Well done Elizabeth,” says the music teacher, the only response the Maestro ever hears. “Now try ‘Greensleeves’.”

Damnation begins anew; in the wrong key.

Genre: Theoretical Theology

Word count: 100

Hi folks, another 100 word piece of Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to her husband for the photo this week – this was a fun one. 🙂 Check out the other stories here!

Been slowly getting back into the blogging – mostly book reviews at the moment, but I think I’m going to try to get back into longer form writing. Maybe try that novel idea again, maybe try to resurrect one of my short stories that have foundered.

What are you doing on your blog in the new year? Drop me a comment and let me know!





15 thoughts on “Eternity in E♭”

  1. Hah – I really like this. What pain to hear a student play your music badly, even if you’re a ghost! C – my only comment would be that for me there’s a bit too much alliteration for such a short piece.

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  2. I very much enjoyed the aliteration, they added even more fun to the piece I thought. I had to read twice, because the first time I was too busy saying the words out loud in my mind (er…). Great fun, poor Maestro, I hope someone hears his plea.

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  3. Elizabeth will improve in time – the Maestro will rest in peace eventually.
    You ask about our blogs – mine has only been kept alive by Friday Fictioneers, but I intend to return to my novel soon.

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    1. Thnaks Liz – I tried to comment on your blog but it kept rejecting my posts. Very odd.
      Loved your story – the soul of the instrument coming back to life with the new player was a great take. Friday Fictioneers is great for maintaining blogs – it gives you a reason to come back, an inspiration, and a built in group of readers to interact with. I’m very glad I found it, I’m not sure I’d have kept it up otherwise!


  4. I enjoyed this very much, alliteration and all. My husband’s trying to teach himself cornet and recorder recently, and I’m certainly no maestro, incorporeal or otherwise, but boy, can I relate to yours.

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