Wait…I have a blog?

An embarrassing delay in posting on this blog. I’d love to have some excuse, but…lets be honest – I’ve been watching TV and playing video games.


Anyway, consider this post a declaration:

  1. I WILL post more fiction
  2. I WILL post more book reviews (Ive read/reading some AWESOME books recently)
  3. I WILL comment and respond more.

I realise there may only be three of you reading now (thanks Mum & sisters 1 & 2), but really that ain’t the point.




11 thoughts on “Wait…I have a blog?

  1. Four of us reading!

    Let me help you get started: What’s the most recent thing you read? What was the most mysterious part of it? Who was your favorite character and what was one really cool trait that character had?

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    1. Hi mate 🙂

      Nice questions – I’ll be sure to address these in my next book review! (FYI – currently reading Leviathan’s Blood – Book 2 in the Children Trilogy by Ben Peek. Lovin it.

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      1. Had to look it up. Sounds badass. Eagerly awaiting said review. Also, don’t even sweat the whole ‘hiatus’ thing. I just got back from … 4? 5? months not posting. It’s hard, but that’s what makes it so rewarding, right?

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    1. *clinks a glass to good intentions*

      Love a good gif 🙂 you might check this book review out (warning contains spiders) -https://uncertaintales.wordpress.com/tag/psychic-spiders/


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