No time to blog; planning!

I need to get some planning done because even writing a tiny 350 words a day is going to get me to a point I haven’t thought about yet really quickly.

So, a cursory blog post today, just confirming I’ve done something:

Daily word count: 356

Total word count: 2,622

Today’s soundtrack (FYI – this one is excellent).



2 thoughts on “No time to blog; planning!

  1. Do you count planning as word count?

    I didn’t for NaNoWriMo, but whenever I have a permanent word goal, I try to include “any bit of writing I do that helps me fill out the entire picture, no matter how insignificant.”

    Otherwise, I feel too much pressure to “word vomit” and not work on quality, or world building, or character exploration, etc.

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    1. G’day P.S. 🙂

      At the moment I try to keep my 350 words as ‘actual writing’. If I get to a bit I’ve not planned, I plan to either shift to a later bit. 350 words isn’t much and if I go in a different direction eventually then I haven’t lost much.

      I my tune may change later; but for now it’s full steam ahead! For 350 words.

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