Ok, what’s with the weird music choices?

Back on the keyboard after two nights off; Thursday was PS4 night and Friday was ‘I ate something dodgy at lunch and chucked my guts up’. One was more fun than the other.

Daily word count: 432

Total word count: 3,472

The words flowed well today, despite being dialogue, which is not something that I normally enjoy writing. I always sound false to my own ears, and put too many swear-words in it (I’m no prude, but seriously no-one swears as much as my characters appear too).

Today’s writing soundtrack:

I know, I know.


What is with this music?

Basically; I’m trying to see what I write best too. I know many authors put out music lists, soundtracks to their novels, the music that they listened too while writing, and they are all inspiring, awesome, brilliant pieces that showcase the artistry that is music. I like that music too, but…it doesn’t always help me write. I wrote listening to Silent Hill soundtrack, to the pounding music of Mad Max: Fury Road, through the cool guitar heavy neo-soul of The Heavy…and writing was a grind.

I just sat through about half an hour of Avril Lavigne as I was writing the dialogue of cops speaking too each over a dead body and the words just fucking flew. I’m no Avril fan, I choose it basically randomly, but hell if it didn’t work.

Does this mean it’s Avril every night? Oh god no…I…I just couldn’t.

The way I see it, if you are sitting for 4 hours writing a particular scene (like a professional writer), you can cue up some music that makes you feel the way you want the scene or chapter to feel. But if you are me, struggling to write 350 words 5 nights a week, putting on music that feels like a scene just doesn’t make sense. There’s simply not enough continuity.

So to avoid repetition, I am in ultimate mix mode. Trying everything, good, bad, otherwise.  See what works.

Disappointingly, today Avril worked.




4 thoughts on “Ok, what’s with the weird music choices?

  1. That’s a great goal KT. And sometimes, we all just need a little Avril in our lives (or our characters’ lives).

    For me, it’s instrumental anything. Movie and Video Game soundtracks seem to work the best, but I’ve always wondered … does what you listen to have a strong affect on what you write?

    If you are writing intense scenes (judging by the swear words, at least one of your characters probably feels in danger, am I right?) – Avril also writes intense music. Angsty, but intense. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for you to flow to her uhm, once-popular music.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t think I got any intensity – but my cop’s dialogue was a bit cheeky (it was a gentle pissing contest, a challenge for dominance) – so perhaps I got a load of sass instead 🙂

        What I’ve noticed is that the music influences my concentration more than the content of the writing itself…but that could just be that I’ve barely scratched the surface so far. I might have a different view in 6 months 🙂

        Instrumentals and game soundtracks are awesome (Silent Hill soundtrack is so very good – dark, moody and haunting).


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