Getting old #1: Drinking and remaining productive becomes impossible

Man, it would have been so easy to not write today. To just…go to bed early, and leave the writing for another day, or perhaps never.

But I didn’t. I wrote today. The words must flow.

Daily Word Count: 385

Total Word Count: 4,213

I did not write yesterday however. Yesterday I had two beers after work with a mate, and that was enough to completely destroy any intention I had of getting some writing done. I also woke up at 1 in the morning with a shocker of a hangover.



This is fucking dire. I’m 41, not 91.

But that’s my life now; two beers and I’m actually unable to function.

I’m not sure where this leaves my days off…I think I’m good as long as I work on both weekend nights as well.

Today’s Soundtrack:


Current reading: The End Specialist – so far, so good. Clever premise and well written.




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