It’s beginning to look a lot like interruptions to my schedule

Ah, Happy Holidays!

Whilst I enjoy the holiday season as much as anyone does, I have found that the constant demands on  my social life are getting in the way of my writing. Yesterday I had the work Christmas party and backed it up with a mate’s 40th.

Great shows and lovely people…but I’m getting old, and I’m trying to keep a schedule of writing!

That I am already behind on mind you. By my count, I should be at 13 days, and I think I’ve only done twelve. That’s easy, I can bust out another session tomorrow and be back on schedule, but I’m thinking ahead. There’s more Christmas parties coming, and it wouldn’t take long to get three or four days behind.

So, plan is – if I get too far behind, I do a double day. 700 words. I probably wont do that unless I get really behind, but I figure I’d better make a commitment to it.

So cheers everyone, *clicks drinks* To Progress!

Daily word count: 374

Total word count: 4951

Today’s soundtrack:


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like interruptions to my schedule

  1. It is nice to hear that all is well with you and you are being accosted by GOOD things. As I shuffle through learning a writer’s life and schedule, it is nice to see how other’s handle intersions…. even good ones!

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