Drawing for fun and relaxation

Hello again!

Got another day down, slowly progressing, slowly getting more comfortable with the process. What is very interesting is that whilst the quality is not improving, my speed is. I am getting the same number of words down in almost half the time as my first one.

Daily Word Count: 406

Total Word Count: 5,357

It’s very encouraging.

Speaking of encouraging, the wife and I have been encouraging our son  (5) in his drawing (we encourage our daughter too – but at 3 she isn’t as focused as he is yet).

To do this, I bought a book called 501 Things To Draw, which he has been enjoying (particularly the robots and aliens pictures). I’ve inserted one below – we figure it’s not bad for a 5 year old!


Superhero (definitely NOT the flash or Thor apparently) – 5yr old

I do my bit to encourage both of them by sitting and drawing with them. As I said in an earlier post, I picked up a software program on the Surface called Sketchable. I sit down and draw a picture on the same page as he is (or the same one) and try to use all the tools the sketchable program has.

It’s great fun, and it keeps both kids quiet for ages (like, over 10 minutes at least). The pics are definitely aimed at kids, I’ve found them to be great to start practicing drawing – which is really relaxing.

I’ve attached one I did today – I thought I would try to get a metallic effect working – It’s not too bad if I say so myself.

(And yes, I did use the ‘mirroring option’ in the program to get both sides exactly the same. Don’t @ me.)

Gold Robot.jpg

Gold Robot – Sketchable

Looks shiny to me – I’ll count that as a win.

So, today questions are – Do you draw? Sketch or doodle? Have you shared any of your work (good or bad)? Do you find it relaxing?


Today’s soundtrack:





One thought on “Drawing for fun and relaxation

  1. I find coloring more relaxing than drawing… I can never -usually- satisfy myself wiht a drawing. I have loved to color from crayon up…. We used to crawl under the Christmas tree and color the night away wiht the lights blinking! A great time!

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