Catch-up Time: 1066 words

Oh yeah, Welcome To The Jungle Baby!

I’ve had a few days off recently. One of these was Thursday nerd night, but I’ve also been struggling a bit with a nasty cold (almost gone now) and it meant I had three days without writing.

Today, I caught up – I wrote 1066 words (3 days worth), and they fairly flew. I got into an action scene (I skipped around to find a cool bit I wanted to write) and the words really just poured out.

It was really encouraging, but it also made me think – maybe the other bits were harder to write because they were boring. The scenes were setting up, but maybe I’m, spending too long on that stuff and it’s just not interesting to write.

I need to think about that stuff, because if its not interesting to write, I figure it can’t be that interesting to read.

Anyway, I’m done today – big effort.

Daily word count: 1,066

Total word count: 7,138.

(For those curious, 1,066 words took all of Appetite for Destruction and up to track 7 of Use Your Illusion Volume 1).


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