Christmas & The Joy of Book Recommendations

A quick post today:

Daily word count 412

Total Word Count 7,550

I’ve officially reached the uncomfortable to breathe stage of holiday overeating. Gah. Blerg.

Got my words down anyway.

Also had a bit of a win with the book recommendations – I loaned my copy of The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu to my father-in-law, a man who I would describe as a ‘lapsed sci-fi reader’; in that he’s done a lot of Asimov etc in his day, but who tells me he hasn’t finished a novel now for years. Thrilled to say he’s almost at the end of Dark Forest and has already lined up Death’s End.

There is a deep satisfaction in successfully recommending a book to a friend and having them enjoy it. It’s partially the joy of bonding over a book talk (always awesome), but it’s also a kind of gifting; a sharing of something awesome that isn’t expected to be reciprocated.

The really very warm feeling I got from successfully recommending these books was distinctly Christmassy, a feeling of generosity and goodwill.

I’d also had a few beers, so that might be part of it.

Tell me – do you enjoy recommending books to friends and family? How do you feel when they agree? How does it feel if they hate one of your beloved books instead?

Cheers all



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