Time (time, time, see what’s become of me)

Hello everyone!
Bit of a failure last night – I stopped writing before my 350 words were all done simply to play games. I’m not too worried – I picked up the last few words this morning and haven’t lost any time.

Writing in the morning was interesting – I found the presence of coffee a definite aid to production, but the presence of children eating breakfast and fighting somewhat less positive.

Still, it suggests to me that when the kids aren’t around, I might play around with the time that I write. Maybe I can pick up a few more words, or at least get my existing ones done quicker at breakfast or lunch.

When do you write? Do you find it makes a difference to quality? To quantity?

Went to the beach with the lad yesterday – picked up a few shells and when we got home I decided to play with my watercolour paints again. Happy with this one although it ended up a little ‘washed out’.

Daily word count (spread over two days): 356
Total word count: 9,970
Soundtrack (last night):






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