I actually drew this picture two or three years ago; maybe more. The wife and kids are getting into their art at the moment, so I figured I should finish the damn thing off. It turned out ok I guess (although the bug looks a little less like a dragonfly and a little more like a winged carrot)…

Need to do some catching up – I think I’m a day behind – so I’m writing 500 words a day for today, tomorrow and the day after. This will definitely mean I am back in front again, which will be great. 🙂

Not blogging much today, as I need to go into my ‘About Me‘ page and do some updates – it is serious outdated!

Daily word count: 501
Total word count: 10,828

Today’s soundtrack …is awesome but I can’t get the YouTube Playlist to work!!!

Damn. Anyway, the first song was Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter (that link did work). If you have tips on how to get this playlist to work, I’d love to hear it.






5 thoughts on “Dragonfly

    1. I’ve dabbled since I was a teen, never stuck to it. I’m trying to keep at it now to encourage the kids; drawing (which is really observing) is super useful.

      It’s good fun though:).

      Again, the inner editor is a bitch – posting my occasional crappy art is one way of trying to improve whilst getting used to being a bit shit right now. Trying to view the early stages as ‘sketchy outlines’ instead of ‘failures’.


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