Can we fix it? (Yes we can!) – A minor writing epiphany

First day back at work after a few weeks of during the Christmas break. Good day; productive. Got a fair bit done, which is always encouraging.

What is more encouraging however was the fact I solved a problem! Specifically – my problem with the two POV character voices I had written sounding identical.

Now a quick disclaimer – I did NOT solve this by suddenly figuring out how to write better and create unique voices for characters. No. I solved this by switching the POV of two of the scenes I had written – from being a villain’s POV, to being an observer’s POV.

This seems to be working far better. Writing from the villain’s POV this early on seemed to diminish the guy from the menace I wanted him to be. He seemed too ordinary, as I needed to deal with ordinary things. But by switching to an observer of the bad guy, it meant I could introduce a temporary POV character to watch the bad guy being creepy and awful. So far it’s proved to be a lot more effective than my original version, and I’m only 500 words in.

Funnily enough it has also solved a separate character problem I had, which is I had a character I wanted to introduce, but couldn’t figure out when to bring him in. Now I have the reason – he’s observing the villain.

Ultimately what this means is I’ll need to discard the earlier version, but I will do that in the editing stage. At this point, I’m leaving it in – there may be some parts I want to keep, and if I start deleting stuff, I’ll never get to the end of the damn book.

Anyway, I count this as a win!

Daily word count: 532 (One more day of 500 and I should have caught up)

Total word count: 11,360

Today’s soundtrack:

Cheers all!





3 thoughts on “Can we fix it? (Yes we can!) – A minor writing epiphany

  1. *looks at the title of this post* *is reminded of Bob the Builder*. (I don’t know if that was your intention.)

    😂😂 Anyway. I’ve encountered what I feel is a much more substantial problem with my own work… I planned a whole new continent on Earth, as well as customs and all the necessary stuff, started working out the plot, and then realised that I don’t like the main conflict at all. Now my problem is that I have all these characters, but nothing for the protagonist to work towards.

    But congrats on figuring out your dilemma! Keep working towards that final product.

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    1. Thanks! I have a 3 and a 5 year old, so the Bob the Builder reference is indeed intentional 🙂

      Idea sounds frickin awesome – a whole new continent (with customs and culture) sounds like quite the challenge. My suggestion would be to have a look around the current global situation, and see how it would be impacted the existence of a whole new continent of people then shrink that to problems to the characters have to face. Are they another superpower or are they dependent on nearby allies? Whose side were they on for ww1 and 2 (&the upcoming three?).

      Anyway, good luck getting your conflict in place – and let me know if you get it sorted!



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