Brief Update – Word Count & Art Videos

Hi folks – a super short update today. Got my words done, which is great. I think I’ve caught up now, but I might see if I can push tomorrow for another 500 words…just to see if it’s as easy as 350.

Been watching a lot of art videos on youtube with the kids recently; they (and I) love them. I thought I might share a few that I’m subscribed to.

Marcello Barenghi

Marcello drops these hyper-realistic drawings (sped up through time lapse) that are just mesmerising to watch appear on the page. The super-hero ones are amazing, as is pretty much everything on his channel.


Lawrence Mann is an illustrator and concept artist I found after googling tips for drawing on the Surface pro. Turns out he did the demonstration pieces in the Sketchable program I bought. Great stuff for those interested in watching digital art get created.


Daily word count: 506

Total word count: 11,866

Today’s soundtrack:

Cheers all


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