Mayor of Struggle Town

Whining on my blog already?


First week back at work and whilst I was productive at work I was way less productive at home. The last three nights I got back from work and all I wanted to do was sleep. Seriously, I’ve been in bed before 9pm for two of the last three nights.

Does anyone else feel that 2017 is just an extension of 2016? I mean, most new years come with a sense of beginning, of renewal, but I don’t feel it this year. This year feels…old. Stale. Already.

Sigh, I’m just being a bit pathetic.

Anyway, means I’m behind again, so (of course) I’m catching up again.

Daily word count: 560

Total word count: 12,426

Wow. Over 12,000 words. That feels awesome.

None of them are any good, but bugger me, it’s good to just get it done.

Today’s soundtrack- hitting some rolled gold Australian Hip-Hop:






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