Tracking my writing speed

Just finished my writing for the night, and thought to myself “Wow, that seemed to go really quickly. I wonder how long it took?” Of course, because I didn’t make a note of when I started, I don’t exactly know.

This is a problem. I’m keen to get more writing done in my limited time, and I’m keen to get faster, but I’m not keeping any details of my start and finish time.

So, the plan is going forward to make a note of start and finish time as well as work count, so I can get an idea of my rate of words per minute. This wont be like a typing speed contest (I’m not worried about accuracy), but it will be useful for seeing if I’m improving at  only creating content.

I’ve seen loads of tips from various writing advice books etc. to keep an eye on similar stats, so here’s hoping I can get some benefits out of it. At least I’m hoping that I wont waste time on the internet as much – research can be done once I’ve got my word count out of the way.

Speaking of word count…

Daily word count: 442

Total word count: 13,316

Today’s soundtrack (not recommended):



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