Choose your own dystopia

Saw a great article on the Guardian just before I started typing this blog post, written in response to the jump in sales of 1984 by George Orwell thanks to the first horror week of the Trump Regime.  The article makes a good point – Trump’s vision for America could be any one of many possible dystopian futures, so when reading up (preparing/bracing yourself for the worst), I recommend you read widely (cover those bases people).

Also, maybe check out some history too.

While you’re here, maybe respond to my gallows-humour tweet that asks:

If none of the above, let me know how you think you’ll meet your apocalyptic end – leave a message here or on twitter!

Writing…had a stressful week at work and not much sleep in the heat, so writing was not consistent for the last week. Trying to do some catch up at the moment – although I really should calculate how far behind I am.

Writing Time: about an hour (a little twitter and research in that I’m afraid)

Daily word count: 724

Total word count: 15,200

Soundtrack: (this was actually really effective) 


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

And…stay safe. Wherever you are.



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