The Female Man – Joanna Russ

Great review – I really *must* read this book.

Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased

This book is written in blood.

Is it written entirely in blood?

No, some of it is written in tears.

Are the blood and tears all mine?

Yes, they have been in the past, but the future is a different matter.

Bantam Frederik Pohl Selection - 1975 - Morgan Kane Bantam Frederik Pohl Selections – 1975 – Morgan Kane

The Female Man isn’t the easiest book to write a synopsis for, because it doesn’t follow a traditional plot structure, but I’ll try. It’s about four women from four very different worlds; as the characters are drawn together, they end up travelling across their different futures and timelines, which Russ uses to examine different elements of gender:

  • Jeannine is a librarian from an alternate 1969 where World War 2 never happened, with the U.S. mired in depression and Imperial Japan ruling the Pacific; she is a mousy woman somewhat damaged from past relationships and buckling under pressures and expectations to…

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