Umm, excuse me ABC, don’t mean to be rude, but WE publish Australian sci-fi!


An article published recently by the ABC caught the attention of some of us at Odyssey. It’s about sci-fi’s representation by the Australian publishing industry, (you can find it here: Sarah L’Estrange writes that sadly Australian sci-fi authors often feel they’re “let down” by local publishes, and find they have to look overseas to get published. It outlines how difficult it can be as a sci-fi author and paints a pretty bleak picture for those trying to get published.

While the article is focused mainly on the big publishers and their refusal to represent authors, it’s tackling the issue of sci-fi publishing in Australia as a whole, and reading it from a small press perspective a little voice in my head kept asking, “what about us? What about all the small publishers?”

My question was briefly answered. L’Estrange writes that authors often “resort to self-publishing – or go to smaller publishers.” It seems a…

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Writing Update 8/3/17

Another quick one – got things to do tonight (finish a book that I’m sooo close to the end!)

Daily word count: 352

Total word count: 17,756

Today’s music soundtrack:

I’ll have more to discuss next post, I guarantee it!



Shit happens (if you sit down to make it happen)

And by shit, I mean the 430 words I crapped out tonight. That’s right

Words Happened

Ok, super brief update as I am running high from my amazing achievement of actually sitting down and dropping a load of words.

Daily word count: 430 words

Total word count: 17,404

A lot of what I did tonight was repetitive, recovering ground I’ve already written, but regardless it was some progress!

So what made me get down and get writing? This tweet:

I don’t recall having read any Octavia Butler (yet), but her ‘note to self’ is hella inspirational.

I’m going to log off now and watch some TV, and pat myself on the back.


On other topics, I’ve been reading some awesome books recently. I’ll try to write a review of one or two of them in the next few weeks…but not tonight.