I’m kinda sick of this stupid story. Probably why I’ve been noticeably absent for over a month.

And now my internet is down.

Woe is me.

Christ I’m a huge sook.

Anyway: I wrote 354 words today. I’ll do a proper update when I write tomorrow…

Or at least I HOPE I write tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Hey KT!
    i’m currently under the impression that accountability partners are epic for motivation, so i’m curious – have you ever had one forbyour writing? Ever thought about such a thing in general?
    And if so, what would you want out of an accountability partnership experience?

    Also, sounds like you’re in the suck before the breakthrough! Keep trudging along! You’re close!

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    1. Hi Naiadia – the accountability partner is a concept I’ve heard of before; although more in the context of exercise and gym motivation. I imagine the principles of motivation are the same for both physical fitness and writing, so I guess it might not be a bad idea.

      What would I want…? Hm. I really don’t know – I’ll need to have a look into it, and really think about it.

      I’ve been thinking of joining the local Writer’s Centre to see how others get their writing done – – a motivational partner might be a more convenient option.

      And thanks – I will keep trudging, and work through the pain 🙂



  2. At least if your internet’s down you can concentrate on writing. But if you’re bored with the story, maybe you need a break from it. Go out and get some air. Looking forward to a detailed update when the internet’s flying again.

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