You give Love(craft) a bad name

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Let’s pretend this happy little squid is actually a Cthulhu-esque horror instead. Thanks.

So, back again with a super short post.

Current WiP progress is a bit less than I’d like; only 5,984 words. This is less than I should be if I was getting my 350 words a day, but I wrote almost nothing last week with a bad cold.

How bad?

I didn’t even play the PlayStation.

*pause for gasps of horror*

I know, right. Incredible. It’s astounding I pulled through really.

Anyway, back on it the last few days, getting my 350 which is nice, but I figure I’ve got about 1000…maybe 1,500 words to catch up. Not easy, but not impossible. It’ll just take time.

Listened to the Writing Excuses podcast again up to Episode 10.3. on Lovecraftian Horror. Not a bad episode, but Lovecraftian horror is one of my favourite genres, so my enjoyment is perhaps not entirely unexpected.

There was also homework:

Take a character, and from that character’s point of view, describe their reaction to something horrific and awful, but do so without describing the thing itself.

Which I am doing, but – well I’m 800 words in, and I’m pretty much just scratching the surface. I’m going to keep working on it (after my 350 a day), and see what comes out at the end. If it’s trash, then it does in the dust bin, and the exercise was worth it as an exercise. If its ok, then I’ll post it here for comment.

If its actually good… well lets not get ahead of ourselves.  I guess might actually submit it somewhere first.

Anyway, as its a longer piece of work, I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it here in a hurry.

Cheers all






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